There is so much noise about food, diets, packaging claims, and nutritional labels that it is hard to be diligent about nutrition when everything related to food information is so confusing. NuVal is focused on cutting through the chaos and helping people make real progress toward their health and wellness goals.

The NuVal® Nutritional Scoring System, found in many local grocery stores like Coborn’s and Cash Wise Foods locations, can make decision-making about better-for-you food choices easy. No rules. No tracking. No manuals. No counting.

Available on shelves next to the price tag, the NuVal 1-to-100 nutritional scoring system cuts through the label clutter to help quickly identify, choose, and compare the best food choices.  The higher the score, the better the nutrition.  It’s just that simple.

NuVal takes the confusion out of reading food labels. It’s as easy as counting. NuVal scores don’t dictate WHAT people should buy. NuVal scores don’t demonize foods. The scores do guide people to higher nutrition choices – whether those choices are in the snack aisle or the dairy aisle. NuVal scores simply help people to identify and compare foods to optimize nutritional value, just like you compare prices to get the best budget value.

When using NuVal – you can make more informed food choices to Shop Better, Cook Better, Eat Better and Feel Better.

Shop Better

NuVal Helps You Build a Better-for-You Bag of Groceries

You can trust shopping with NuVal scores to make better-for-you food choices. Why? NuVal scores are independently ranked using an extensive, science-based algorithm based on food’s nutritional value and tied to the newest nutrition science and USDA’s recommended food guidelines.

  • NuVal scores are science-based and doctor-endorsed. Backed by Griffin Hospital, NuVal scores were developed by an independent team of nutrition and medical experts.
  • NuVal scores optimize budget and nutrition. NuVal scores empower consumers to compare nutritional value along with price – to ensure you get the most nutritional bang for your buck.
  • NuVal scores honor USDA guidelines. NuVal scores track with USDA dietary guidelines and MyPlate recommendations (

To learn more about how NuVal works – go to the NuVal website.

Cook Better

NuVal Helps You Cook a Better-for-You Meal

What do you do with those better-for-you groceries? You make and cook better-for-you meals for you and your family.

NuVal scores are easy to use. It’s only four steps to a Better You.

  1. Find it. Scores are on shelf tags so you can compare price and nutritional value at the same time.
  2. Score it. NuVal’s 1 to 100 score guides you to better food choices – higher scores mean better nutrition.
  3. Compare it. Compare nutrition like price. No more scouring food labels. Use scores to choose between brands or switch to more nutritious products.
  4. Bag it. Make the best food choices to meet your lifestyle, tastes and budget.

Eat Better

NuVal Helps You Make a Better-for-You Meal Plan

Helping you eat more nutritiously one NuVal score at a time

What you eat matters. And it begins with what you put in your grocery bag. Shopping with a plan brings better nutrition home. Consumers, who shop at food stores offering NuVal scores, have access to a system that allows them to identify and compare nutrition-packed food as they shop.

With the help of NuVal®, putting together a nutritious meal can be easier and less stressful.  When it comes to your favorite recipes and meals simply look for higher scoring ingredients and foods in the grocery store and you’ll be on the right track!

Feel Better

NuVal Helps You Power Up Better-for-You Fitness Foods

It is amazing how the right foods make you feel better.

In the quest for health and wellness, six key steps can help you not only prevent chronic disease and some cancers, but also maintain or reach a healthy weight.

  1. Reduce unhealthy fats in the diet
  2. Replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats
  3. Eat less refined carbohydrates and more whole grains
  4. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  5. Eat frequently and with a balanced plate
  6. Practice portion awareness

Taking these steps, along with the help of NuVal®, can help you reach your goals as well as make nutritious and delicious food choices that fit into the healthy lifestyle you want to live!

BLEND, in partnership with Coborn’s Inc. and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN, launched the NuVal® Nutritional Scoring System in eight St. Cloud area stores in October 2010. Results from this nine-month pilot project proved very successful in encouraging purchases of healthy food. In January 2012, Coborn’s Inc. announced the expansion of NuVal® to the remaining 21 Coborn’s grocery stores throughout the upper Midwest.

In 2015, Cash Wise Foods – owned and operated by Coborn’s, Inc. – announced the roll out of NuVal in three Central MN locations.

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