Kare 11 Features: Designing Healthy Communities

Feeling Good MN

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn — CentraCare Health aspires to be more than just central Minnesota’s preferred healthcare provider. Its goal is to be the catalyst that engages communities in health beyond CentraCare’s network of hospitals and clinics. When you consider that up to 80 percent of what drives health happens outside hospital and clinic walls, this…

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Making healthy choices easier

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN — Each day we make hundreds of decisions that affect our health. CentraCare Health is working to change policies and create communities that will help people in Central Minnesota eat better, move more and live tobacco free. Our goal is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

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Four fitness myths

Myth: No pain, no gain While you should have some discomfort while exercising (tiredness, mild burning in your muscles), you should not have pain. It is OK to be sore the day or two after working out. But an activity should not hurt while you are doing it. If it does, you may not have…

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