Kare 11 Features: Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

Learn more about the latest initiatives from Feeling Good MN focused on “Outdoor Play” in this month’s Kare 11 segment.

BLEND Fit Kid Series

BLEND Fit Kid Series: Sign up today! If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids active and social this summer and fall, look no further! The BLEND Fit Kid Series offers a variety of local family fitness events throughout Central Minnesota. Learn more and sign up today! BLEND Fit Kits Series information can be… Read more »

Don’t let your kids be couch potatoes

Janet Handrigan, MD CentraCare Health Medical Director of Wellness When I was a child, we played outside until our moms made us come in. We played kick the can, tag, softball and sometimes just ran for the fun of it. Now we are afraid to let our kids outside without direct supervision so they sit… Read more »

Why is playing serious business?

Sue Peck, Pediatric Physical Therapist CentraCare Health – Long Prairie When you watch kids on a playground, it appears that they are just running around having fun. Actually, play is vital to the development of children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Playgrounds are built for varied ages and abilities. Some playgrounds simply have swings… Read more »

10 outdoor play ideas

Andrew Maloney, MD, Pediatrician CentraCare Clinic – Health Plaza Pediatrics After winter, all of us — especially children — are eager to be outdoors as much as possible. Muddy yards and cool breezes don’t need to keep children from getting fresh spring air. Consider these ideas for making the most of spring outdoor play for your family.… Read more »