Tobacco 21 – It’s not Over


Tobacco 21: Passed by Council, Vetoed by Mayor
Thank you to everyone who attended, watched online, testified, sent letters of support, or encouraging words regarding Monday night’s public hearing!

On Monday evening, the St. Cloud City Council passed an ordinance update raising the age to purchase all tobacco products from 18 to 21! The final vote count was 4-3. Unfortunately, after a brief recess, Mayor Kleis announced he will veto the ordinance when it arrives on his desk for signature (likely in the next couple of days).

Crave the Change is working to update all advocates on our option to overturn the mayor’s veto. At the November 20th meeting, a revote can be motioned for. We would then need five YES votes (1 additional to the original count) to overturn Mayor Kleis’ veto and raise the age to purchase all tobacco products to 21.

Here’s how you can help:
Call or email the three councilmembers who voted NO on Monday and urge them to reconsider their vote. Click HERE  for talking points to use during your conversations with these councilmembers.

  • John Libert       (320) 267.8135
  • Jeff Johnson    (320) 252.5436
  • Jeff Goerger      (320) 293.0562

Thank our champions:
Call or email our council champions and thank them for their continued support in creating health, tobacco-free communities for our youth!

  • Dave Masters     (320) 253.6825
  • Steve Laraway      (320) 656.9645
  • George Hontos   (320) 255.1140
  • Carol Lewis          (320) 654.8249