Health Integration Expo

Visit Crave the Change at the Health Integration Expo!

Central MN Mental Health Center and our HI-C program (Health Integration Collaboration) in partnership with CentraCare Clinic Midtown, invite you, as an agency providing services that reach adults with serious mental illness(SMI), to participate in our first annual Health Integration Expo.  Our goal is to come together to empower and educate this at-risk population on the importance of addressing both physical and mental health for overall wellbeing.

When:     Tuesday, July 18th       9:00 am -3:00 pm

Where:    Midtown Square Tuscan Ballroom, 3333 W Division St. Cloud, MN

Target audience: Adults with SMI who have or are at risk for chronic health conditions, and their families.

Participants: CMMHC, CentraCare Clinic Midtown, and Community Providers serving adults with serious mental illness who have or at risk for chronic health conditions.

Purpose: A showcase for CMMHC, CentraCare Health and Community Organizations to promote health and wellness through the services we provide. We will be celebrating our HI-C program’s (Healthcare Integration Collaboration) one year landmark.  The success of this program is in large part due our community partners, for identifying people who may benefit from the HI-C Program and referring.

But, the Health Integration Expo is much bigger than this alone. As CMMHC and our fellow community providers increase efforts to promote health and wellness for all, but especially for this at-risk population, we have an opportunity to share the needed services we all provide.