HIKE Hoppers – Park Hop Event

Have you heard of HIKE Hoppers?! This emerging group seeks to reconnect people with nature to promote healthier and happier communities. Their mission is simple; Strengthen the body, Calm the mind, & Feed the soul.

Join them for their very first event on June 17th. Participants will enjoy hiking trails at three Stearns County parks in close proximity to each other and experience the connection with others who are discovering what nature truly has to offer! All registrants will receive a drawstring bag containing a bottle of water and a healthy energy bar, along with discounts for various businesses in the area. Those who complete the series will receive a T-shirt, handmade vibe bracelet highlighting each park, and lunch which will be served at Quarry Park at 12:30PM. Don’t forget to register and use promo code STUMBLEUPON10 for an EXTRA $10 off EACH registration.