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Feeling Good MN

What is Feeling Good MN?

Feeling Good MN is a new initiative powered by CentraCare Health that works with partner organizations to improve the health of our communities by changing policies, systems and environments.

It’s estimated that 80 percent of what drives health outcomes happens outside hospital and clinic walls, which is why we are focusing on practical and innovative ways to impact our communities. We look to build on the success of existing health improvement programs by bringing everyone together—under one umbrella—to collaborate in a way that will strengthen our communities.

What are the goals?

Feeling Good MN is working to build healthy communities by design so that it’s easy to be healthy. By creating a supportive environment, Feeling Good MN can help lower chronic disease rates, reduce healthcare costs and ultimately attract people to live and work in our communities.

Areas of Focus


through the development of sidewalks and bike lanes that make it safer and easier for people to be active.

Access to
Healthy Foods

by addressing food deserts, promoting healthy food options and championing the affordability of healthy foods.

Tobacco Use

by advocating for enhanced policies that prohibit smoking, tobacco and e-cigarette use.

Who’s involved?

Feeling Good MN is a collaborative effort created by CentraCare that is inclusive of the entire community. Jodi Gertken, CentraCare’s director of wellness, is leading this initiative, which will include a wellness steering committee that will set the priorities for the effort. This committee will include Greater St. Cloud-area leaders who are passionate about improving health in the community.

What’s next?

The Feeling Good MN team will be connecting with community leaders and businesses in the months ahead to share more information. The first step will be enlisting community partners who are interested in being part of this health movement. For more information, sign up below to receive a quarterly e-newsletter with the latest news and updates.

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