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You Can Quit…We Can Help!

Within 48 hours of quitting smoking, your sense of taste and smell will improve. Text Messaging Receive tips, games and reminders. The Text2Quit℠ program is full of practical advice and encouragement that can help you quit. Starter Kit Receive two weeks of free patches, gum or lozenges to help you get started. Email Program Receive… Read more »

Tobacco Use in MN

Leading the Nation For more than 50 years, Minnesota has been a national leader in tobacco control activities. [To Learn More Download the PDF] Minnesota SimSmoke Model joins the scientific evidence that proves tobacco policies help adults quit smoking and discourages kids from starting. [Click Here To View The Research Findings] Economic Costs Annually, smoking costs Minnesota… Read more »

The five pillars of resilience

Resilience is made up of five pillars: self awareness, mindfulness, self care, positive relationships & purpose. By strengthening these pillars, we in turn, become more resilient. Instead of experiencing an overwhelming downwards spiral when we encounter stress in our lives, these five pillars work together to lift us up out of the chaos we are… Read more »

What is resilience?

Good question! Resilience is our ability to bounce back from the stresses of life. It’s not about avoiding the stress, but learning to thrive within the stress. Our productivity over the past 20 years has soared, and with this increase in productivity has come an increase in our stress levels. We may sacrifice accuracy and… Read more »

Improve your resiliency

Do you know someone who always points out the positives — no matter how horrible the situation is? Some people are knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever — that’s resilience. Psychologists recognize that resilient people have positive attitudes, optimism, the ability to regulate emotions and can see failure as a form… Read more »

How to Design a Healthy Community

Feeling Good Minnesota is a new initiative by CentraCare Health to make it easy for communities to get healthy food and access to exercise.

Feeling Good MN

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn — CentraCare Health aspires to be more than just central Minnesota’s preferred healthcare provider. Its goal is to be the catalyst that engages communities in health beyond CentraCare’s network of hospitals and clinics. When you consider that up to 80 percent of what drives health happens outside hospital and clinic walls, this… Read more »

Making healthy choices easier

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN — Each day we make hundreds of decisions that affect our health. CentraCare Health is working to change policies and create communities that will help people in Central Minnesota eat better, move more and live tobacco free. Our goal is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.